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print & pattern is a UK based website that celebrates all aspects of printed surface pattern. i look at textiles, cards, gift wrap, stationery, wallpaper, tableware, books, illustration, and anything
that fits my love of printed patterns and motifs.


i usually post new features everyday monday to friday.
if you see something you like just click on the links (featured in turquoise text) and they will take to you to the relevent website, shop, or designer.
i feature lovely products you can buy, designers or studios you can commission, graduates you can hire, and collect inspirational design from all over the world that will get your creative juices going.
everything that falls off of the front page goes into the archives and you can click any month from the menu on the right to see all the earlier posts.


thats me. im a designer based in the UK. "bowie style" is just a pseudonymn i made up the day i signed up to blogger to publish print & pattern. i needed a username and glanced around the room looking for ideas. i had a book on the shelf called 'bowie style' by mark paytress. it features one of my heroes david bowie and the many different looks he has had over the years. since then the name has stuck and ive been posting under the name bowie for a few years now. i didnt realise at the time P+P would take off so big or i may have thought harder about a name !

anyone can submit images for a possible mention or feature. but please bear in mind the print & pattern aesthetic. a glance through the pages will show you the sort of topics and styles covered.
images should be sent as jpegs no smaller than 500 pixels wide, and dont forget to attach your website details, and any relevent info. i get dozens of requests each day so dont panic if you get no reply - its just that i dont always have time to reply to each one personally. it doesnt mean that i dont like your work or that it wont be featured.

NO pdf files please
submissions can be sent to

ps. as editor of P+P i have to set a certain standard and you are also at the mercy of my taste.

for example i dont approve of any cruelty to animals : including leather goods, suede, furs, skins.

im really sorry but i can only accept emails written in english.


you can leave comments for any posts - designers love to hear if you like their work. but abuse and hurtful criticism, or blatant advertising wont be tolerated or make it through the spam filters.
you can comment even if you are not a member of blogger, just type your name or pseudonym in the appropriate box.


see separate post below.


i get tons of emails asking for advice on how to get into design work.
unfortunately i dont really have all the answers and simply dont have the time to advise everyone personally. but if you are a designer, student or graduate one thing i can probably do is give you a shout out here on print & pattern. providing your work fits the P+P quality standards and aesthetic. just email me to request a potential showcase.

my general advice to anyone wanting to find design work is :

job hunting/commissions : try and find out the names of design studios or companies. they could be looking for designers to work in house or freelance.
research your fave companies and designers and approach them with a link to your online folio site.
Use Linkedin to try and find the right email contacts.
Check the Print & Pattern jobs board!

freelancing try and get yourself an agent internationally, or locally.
if your work is good enough they will take you onto their books and will then find projects for you. obviously they take a cut of the fees but at least you will only need to concentrate on the designing.

courses in the UK you can choose to take a degree course in 'surface pattern design' and this will give you a grounding in all aspects of the field. other relevent courses are 'graphic design' and 'illustration'.
Take an E-course - there are dozens of online courses to choose from in all aspects of
design from how to create a repeat pattern to filling a portfolio.

general advice : create a fab portfolio of work, get yourself a website (even if its just a free one) it will be your online showcase and is vital. use instagram to post your latest work and happenings and interact with others by liking and commenting on their posts. research your chosen area of interest and google to find relevant companies and studios to target.
visit trade shows such as the USA's surtex and printsource in new york and the UK's spring fair, birmingham.
for europe check out heimtextil, frankfurt and indigo, paris.
design artworks are sold at all of these shows and this is where big companies do there buying.
This is also where an agent would come in as they can take your work to these shows if you cannot exhibit yourself. Also consider forming or joining a collective to spread the cost of a trade show stand with other artists.


all adverts for design jobs, freelance opportunities, and competitions can be advertised for free on the jobs board. ads should be supplied as jpegs measuring 400 pixels wide by anything up to 800 pixels high. email your adverts to and i'll do the rest


Thank you for your interest in advertising on Print & Pattern
Here are all the details you need to know....

PRINT & PATTERN AD RATES------------------

the price is :-

£100 for 3 months for a 140x140 pixels static ad.

You can easily purchase a square advert in the left hand column of Print & Pattern and reach a lovely audience.

However Advertisers will need to be relevant to P+P readers. 

For example in the past I have turned down unrelated requests such a wood flooring, mobile phones, and diamonds.


Etsy Shops, Design Studios, Design Agents, Trade Magazines, Individual Designers of all kinds and any level, Illustrators, Card Companies, Fabric Stores, Quilt Companies, Book Publishers, Art Supplies, Design Trade Shows, Online shops, and anything arty and creative is of interest.

Your advert will go in the the best space currently available on the left
hand side and as and when any of the ads above yours expire you would automatically move up.

Payment is made via PayPal and you can opt to renew or remove your advert after every quarter (three months).

All you need to do is send me you advert image as a jpeg and the email address you want to 
use for the PayPal request.

Email your advert to -

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